• Available in both trailer mount and retrofit configurations.


Arrow panel:   48" x 96" (1.22m x 2.44m)
Length (frame):   101" (2.56m)
Overall length:   110" (2.79m)

Trailer width, including fenders:
68" (1.73m)

Overall sign width:   96" (2.44m)

Height to bottom of sign when raised:  
85" (2.16m)

Overall height:
  Sign raised:   135" (3.43m)
  Sign lowered:   95" (2.41m)

Jack stand foot print:  
69.5"L x 56.5"W (1.77m x 1.44m)

Total weight with two (2) type 8D batteries: 1,150 Ibs. (522Kg)


Two-year warranty on electronic circuitry

Weather-Resistant controller mounted within sign panel

Display controls located on controller face panel

Lockable hinged cover

Low-voltage indicator

Photocell located on bottom of sign to automatically control lamp intensity appropriate to ambient conditions

Double-wall rotational molded polyethylene fenders


High-efficiency, single crystal

50-watt array with anodized aluminum frame

25-year output warranty


8D 12-volt heavy-duty, commercial marine deep-cycle batteries (three or four batteries optional)


Type I And II Barricade

  • All plastic and maintenance free, never rusts, needs painting, or leg straightening
  • Molded hollow so it can be internally ballasted with up to 10 lbs. Of dry sand
  • Molded handles with mounting holes for attaching flashing lights
  • Features "click lock" hinges for a positive interlock in the open position
  • Sandbag bar (if additional weight is required)
  • Stacking lugs keep stacked units from sliding
  • Names can be stenciled on the barricade for identification
  • Nchrp-350 accepted, meets mutcd standards

Item# 290493, Type I and II 25" x 45" - 16 lbs.

Break-Away Type III

  • All plastic
  • Collapsible, lies flat for storage and transport
  • Available with five board lengths, 1"x 8" boards, 4', 6'. 8', 10', or 12' long
  • Easier to transport, install, and store than wood or steel Type III Barricades
  • Boards are available sheeted (one or both sides) or un-sheeted
  • Attach two flashing lights
  • Barricades are sold in kits with hardware included or as component parts
  • NCHRP-350 Accepted, Meets MUTCD Standards

Item# 290494, Break-Away Type III

Type III Barricade

  • High density polyethylene material resists fading, chipping, or splintering
  • Flat surface displays retro reflective sheeting, complies with MUTCD requirements
  • Hollow core extruded design
  • Internal walls provide lightweight strength and durability
  • Can be used in various generic Type III Barricade designs
  • Complies with NCHRP-350 under WZ-85

Item# 290495, Type III Barricade Replacement Plastic Boards 1" x 8"

Plastic Type I

Plastic Type II

Plastic Type III

Channelizer Drums And Bases

Channelizer Drums

Meets MUTCD & NCHRP 350 requirements. Sheeting configurations meet all state specifications.

  • Rounded Ergonomic Handle for easy access with a comfortable grip
  • Multiple-Base Compatibility fits most bases in your inventory - Call to Order*
  • Recessed Reflective Band Tiers for long-lasting protection of sheeting
  • Four 5" Wide Anti-Rotation Claws will keep drums facing traffic
  • Built-In Sheeting Edge Protector guards against wear during stacking
  • Five-Tier Design for better visibility in heavy traffic
  • Built-in 10" Wide Anti-Roll Bottom resists roll after impact
  • Double Light Mounts on handle for added convenience
  • Domed Top sheds debris and water
  • Ribbed Bottom Lip for easy base attachment
  • Two-Piece Top & Base Design allows dragging without base & drum separation
  • Two-Piece Breakaway Feature allows controlled separation on impact
  • UV Stabilized Bright Orange Polyethylene protects from sun damage

Item# 8045, B500/LC Traffic Drum with 4x6" Diamond Grade Sheeting
Item# 8057, B500/LC Traffic Drum with 4x6" Diamond Grade Sheeting with 25LB Snap on Rubber Base
Item# 8058, B500/LC Traffic Drum with 4x6" Diamond Grade Sheeting with 35LB Snap on Rubber Base
Item# 8059, B500/LC Traffic Drum with 4x6" Diamond Grade Sheeting with 40LB Snap on Rubber Base


  • Our plastic bases, 25 lb. rubber bases, 35 lb. rubber bases and 40 lb. rubber bases can be used on any of our Drums
  • Bases snap on and lock securely to the drum
  • Anti-rotation knob keeps the barrel in position
  • Grid pattern on the bottom of our rubber bases- hugs tightly to the road
  • Bases feature a built-in carrying handle

Item# 5650, Tire Ring Base
Item# 2389, 25LB Snap-On Drum Base Only
Item# 2442, 35LB Snap-On Drum Base Only
Item# 2434, 40LB Snap-On Drum Base Only


Rubber Base

Tire Ring Base

Cones And Accesories

Standard Traffic Cone

Meets MUTCD & NCHRP 350 requirements. Sheeting configurations meet all state specifications.

  • Provides brilliant reflectivity and maximum durability
  • Meets all requirements of the MUTCD
  • Reflective collars manufactured by 3M and Reflexive

Item# 2706, 28" Recessed Collar Cone with 6" & 4" Reflective Collars

Channelizer Cone & Base

  • Maximum visibility
  • Five-tier design
  • Multi-purpose handle
  • Efficient stacking
  • Easy transport
  • Secure base
  • Fracture-Resistant handle
  • Locking Base
  • Mount for lights, sign, vertical panels

Item# 2688, Channelizer 4x6" Diamond Grade C-42
Item# 2673, 6LB Rubber Base CB-16

Traffic Cone

Channelizer Cone

Warning Flags

Warning Flags

  • 18" and 24" mesh and solid vinyl flags, blaze orange color or red, are available with or without 3/4" round wood staffs. Mesh flags have cloth binding.

Item# 1036-24, 24" Vinyl, 36" Wood-Orange Flag
Item# 1036-24M, 24" Mesh, 36" Wood- Orange Flag
Item# 2036-24, 24" Vinyl, 36" Wood- Red Flag
Item# 2036-24S, 24" Vinyl w/Stay, 36" Wood- Red Flag

Weave Mesh Warning Flags

Safety Accessories

Public Safety Vest

Public Safety Vests meeting ANSI/ISEA 207-2006 standards are specially designed to provide unrestricted access to equipment, weapons, and medical devices that may be worn at the waist.

  • Constructed of comfortable mesh polyester material.
  • Five point tear away at the shoulders, sides and front.
  • Reflective stripes provide 360 degree visibility.
  • Short in front design allows access to equipment belt.
  • Adjustable side straps for custom fit.
  • Constructed of at least 450 square inches of back ground material and 201 square inches of retro reflective tape.
  • Expandable radio pocket and pencil pocket.
  • Tabs for mic or phone over upper chest on both sides.
  • Provision for reflective I.D. panel on back.
  • Plastic pocket for slide-in I.D. panel on front and back.

Item# V770, Mesh Polyester and Reflective Stripes- Green Trim

Break Away Safety Vest



  • Top solar panel mounting for maximum exposure to sun.
  • 4 Leveling jacks for proper placement and stability.
  • Heavy duty surge brakes.
  • Sighting device to assure proper directional alignment.
  • 360 message panel rotation with hand brake.
  • Easily accessible message panel.
  • UV inhibited clear lexan panel.
  • Built-in 115VAC battery charge.
  • 12 volt non-hazardous operation.
  • 115VAC operation capacity.
  • Efficient long life L.E.D. lamps.
  • Separate passwords for operation and programming.
  • Flashing message function.
  • 250 message/100 sequence capacity.

Light Towers

Light Towers

  • Manual, electric, and hydraulic tower configurations available for your specific applications
  • SHO parallel lamp fixtures provide up to 50% more lumens than competitive light fixtures
  • 50 gallon fuel capacity provides up to 100 hours run time without refueling

Signs And Stands

Reflective Signs

  • Offers increased angularity for enhanced nighttime performance
  • Features vinyl-coated nylon pocket design
  • Lexan pockets available upon request at additional cost
  • Available in 36" and 48"

Marathon Grade
Item# RUR48MAR-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - Lane Shift Ahead
Item# RUR48MAR-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - Merge Left Symbol
Item# RUR48MAR-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - Merge Right Symbol
Item# RUR48MAR-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - Flagger Ahead Symbol
Item# RUR48MAR-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - Utility Worker Ahead
Item# RUR48MAR-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - One Lane Road Ahead
Item# RUR48MAR-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - Shoulder Closed

Diamond Grade
Item# RUR48DG-SO, 48" x 48" No Ribs - Lane Shift Ahead
Item# RUR48DG-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - Merge Left Symbol
Item# RUR48DG-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - Merge Right Symbol
Item# RUR48DG-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - Flagger Ahead Symbol
Item# RUR48DG-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - Utility Worker Ahead
Item# RUR48DG-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - One Lane Road Ahead
Item# RUR48DG-SO, 48"X 48" No Ribs - Shoulder Closed

Signs and Stands

  • TwinFlex™ features a two stage telescopic aluminum mast which allows roll-up and/or rigid signs to be displayed 14" to 84" off the ground (depending on model selected, see chart below).
  • Triple flagholder for 3/4" round flag staffs factory installed.
  • Foot operated leg releases quickly lock legs in one of three positions to allow for storage or deployment on uneven terrain.
  • Aluminum leg models feature .100" wall aircraft quality tubing, 16 ga. steel leg models have an orange powder coat finish.
  • All fiberglass ribs are coated with a "polyester veil coating" that reduces splinters and cracking
  • Available for 36" and 48" roll-up signs
  • Hardware included

Item# TF60-RUB, 5" Roll-Up Stand - Aluminum
Item# SDL1008-RUB, 36"-48" Roll-Up Bracket - Aluminum
Item# RR30048, Ribsets 3/16

Rigid Sign

TwinFlex™ - Compact Stands for Roll-Up

Truck Mounted Attenuator

Truck Mounted Attenuator – Rental Only

  • Units include flashing arrow board securely mounted to the truck bed
  • Low profile and open design is beneficial in minimizing wind resistance and drag
  • Folds 90-degree position for travel and storage for easy transit in the upright position ( approximately 12ft long)
  • Rear strut is raised 10- degrees for added mobility and ground clearance
  • 180 degree angle for high speed travel and storage over the truck bed (approximately 10ft. 6” long)

Please call your local SPS Branch for assistance for scheduling the delivery and set-up.

Truck Mounted Attenuator